Cupcake Economics Part 4

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake book cover and link to look insideWhat would happen if you gave a cat a cupcake? How does this relate to economics? If you click on the book to look inside, you will have a mini lesson for teaching these concepts: wants/needs & goods/services.

Before Reading: Discuss wants and needs. Is a cupcake a need? What other foods are needs?

After Reading: Discuss the difference between needs and wants. We want many things, but there are some things that we need to survive or keep us healthy: food, shelter, clothing, medicine. Cupcakes are a food, but are they a food we need for health or are they an extra food? Extras are wants but not necessarily needs.  Play the Brain Pop Game about needs and wants with the students together or have them use the game individually on computers.  Here are some yummy cupcake recipes!

Here are some extra activities to use with the book!

Brain Pop Needs/Wants activity.

Goods and Services drag and drop activity from EconEdLink.

About Deborah Kozdras

Instructor and Chief Creative Officer at the Gus A. Stavros Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Education at the University of South Florida.
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