Eggs-tra Special Lessons

Check out the Good Egg Project at Discovery Education. They have some excellent resources to consider our new the Farm-to-Table theme. Sign up at the Good Egg Project for their virtual field tour on March 23rd, so your students can travel through the supply chain, beginning at the Creighton Family Farm. How cool is that?

There are some excellent interactive lessons for K-5 and Middle School that can be used for Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. The lessons use multiple diverse texts: videos, virtual trips, charts, data, etc.

While most of the discussion involves STEM standards, keep in mind how economics is a constant reminder. Here are some Economic questions you can ask, which are based on Florida NGSSS for Economics at different elementary grade levels

Standard SS.K.E.1.1  Describe different kinds of jobs that people do and the tools or equipment used. Activity: As we watch/read/view, look for the different jobs people need to do and the tools they need to use to get the eggs from the farm to the table. Record these (draw/write) and then make a timeline.

Standard SS.1.E.1.4 Distinguish people as buyers, sellers, and producers of goods and services. Activity: As we read/view through the material, consider who are the buyers, sellers, and producers of the goods and services necessary as eggs go from farm to table. Take notes at each phase. How do the buyers and sellers change? What goods and services were necessary?

Standard SS.2.E.1.2 Recognize that people supply goods and services based on consumer demands. Activity: As we travel from farm to table, consider the consumer demands at each stage. Who supplies goods? What services are provided? How do these all connect? If I want to buy an egg, what were all of the goods and services that needed to be provided along the way? Sequence the process. First the farmer . . .

Standard SS.3.E.1.3 Recognize that buyers and sellers interact to exchange goods and services through the use of trade or money. Activity: What are the goods? What services are provided? How are things exchanged? How do you think the people are paid for their goods and services? Draw a picture that shows the interactions and explain how different buyers and sellers interact throughout the processes from farm to table.

Standard SS.4.E.1.1: Entrepreneurship. Activity: Consider some of the entrepreneurs throughout the farm to table process. Conduct some research to find some Florida entrepreneurs who are involved in agriculture. Are there any eggs-tea special farmers in Florida?

STANDARD SS.5.E.1.3 Trace the development of technology and the impact of major inventions on business productivity during the early development of the United States. Activity: As you view/read, take note of inventions that did not exist during the early development of the United States. How do you think these inventions impacted farming from farm to table? For example, consider transportation — how were eggs transported before gasoline-powered transportation, like trucks? How about the farmers? What equipment do they use now and how do you think it has changed the ways in which eggs are produced?


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Instructor and Chief Creative Officer at the Gus A. Stavros Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Education at the University of South Florida.
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