CCSS Literacy

CSI-R Common Core Lessons for Economics Content

In order to help teachers create/adapt lessons to fit the CCSS big idea–Reading Like a Detective, Writing Like a Reporter–we have created a model entitled: CSI-R.

C– Choose your NGSSS Content standards (Florida) upon which you wish to focus.

S-Select the Common Core State Standards you plan to use to help students learn the content.

I-Identify texts and text-dependent questions to help guide students through their Investigation of the content.

R-Recompile the evidence found in the text(s) and assemble into a Report.

Here are NGSSS Lessons for K-5

Kindergarten: Why do people work?

Kindergarten: Jobs & Tools

1st Grade Producers

1st Grade: Why is saving important?

2nd Grade: Trade

2nd Grade: Limited Resources: From Sheep to Sweaters

3rd Grade: Show Me The Money!

3rd Grade: Currency – Alexander Used to be Rich

4th Grade: Economic DBQ: Citrus

5th Grade: Colonial Economics

For more information visit the The Common Core Initiative

1) Visit the official Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative website to download .pdf copies of the standards for the English Language Arts and Mathematics.

2) Visit the Resources page on the official CCSS site to learn more about the standards.

3) Watch Presentations about the CCSS. Also view official videos from the Common Core Implementation Video Series. These videos were created by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the Hunt Institute to help educators understand more about the standards.

4) Read what the International Reading Association, the world’s leading organization of literacy professionals, is saying about how to implement Common Core.

5) The CCSS support 21st Century Learning: The P21 Common Core Toolkit provides excellent ideas on how to implement Common Core State Standards, while still supporting ongoing 21st century skills initiatives.