Here are links to sites that have videos relating to economics content:

Stossel in the Classroom: Receive free video and educator resources to teach Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Financial Literacy. Also check out the Stossel in the Classroom YouTube channel for videos from past years.

Biz Kid$: PBS television show with short video clips and teacher curriculum to teach entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and economics concepts.

Dirk Mateer: Dirk has posted a variety of video and television clips to use with economics concepts. Note: these are for college classes so watch first if you are using with younger students.

I Rule Money: Clips by students that discuss financial literacy concepts. Also the producers of the Nightmare on Wall Street Series on YouTube

EconEdLink: Making Sense With Paul Solomon videos

The Secret Millionaires Club: Warren Buffet’s animated videos on Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Economics for kids. Include lesson plans which are downloadable. You can also submit request for a free hard copy.

The Khan Academy: Scroll down to the Economics videos. These are college class videos. Great for educators to learn concepts or for use with AP classes.

All Terrain Brain: Program on Entrepreneurship by the Kauffman Foundation. Includes short videos and interactives for students. Also, download the Kauffman Report on Entrepreneurship here.


This Biz Kid$ Video can be used with any children’s book that focuses on buying and selling or entrepreneurship. Profile:
3rd Grade Market Day
 It is a video about 3rd grade students who created a market day and sold goods and services to 2nd graders in their school. Fancy Nancy and the Fabulous Fashion Boutique is an excellent choice to use with this video. In this story, Fancy Nancy becomes an entrepreneur and learns how to make money by selling goods. She also learns about bartering for scarce goods. I would use the Market Day Biz Kidz video to set a context for Fancy Nancy. Then, use the Finding Fabulous Financial Literacy With Fancy Nancy lesson plan on ReadWriteThink.

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